Iceberg Alley – Where is it?

Iceberg Alley is a term with no singular home.

One version resides along the coast of Newfoundland Island & Labrador.

Another version resides from west of Greenland up towards the the high arctic, such as the Davis Strait, and then downward along the coasts of Baffin Island and Labrador. No matter how small or large your vision of Iceberg Alley of the North is, it definitively ends at Newfoundland Island. Ok, a stray iceberg has been known to make it as far as Bermuda or Jamaica.

Carried by the West Greenland Current northward, the Baffin Island Current westward and the Labrador Current southward, icebergs migrate along this interlinked current system and this is Iceberg Alley.

The Antarctic has rightful claim to Iceberg Alley also, such as the Ross Sea and so many other places. So, where is Iceberg Alley? All of these places!

Yes, there is a Northern Iceberg Alley and a Southern Iceberg Alley and we have, at least, four “Iceberg Capitals of the World”.

I will blog some of the happenings of Iceberg Alley, so you can become familiar with it. Remember, Iceberg Alley is a place so you can find it during iceberg season and also, the rest of the year. The migratory iceberg season is another story.

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